Lands End, China Beach, & Christmas Tree Point

Lands End, China Beach, & Christmas Tree Point are a few of my favorite places in San Francisco. On one of our weekend adventures we explored them all.

We left our house on a beautiful sunny day and I remember seeing the huge wall of fog down the road. I turned to my husband, Andrew, and said, “What is that? ” I’ve always heard people talk about the fog in San Francisco, but experiencing it and seeing the changes so quickly are nothing short of dramatic.

Lands End won me over with it’s beauty, but also because it has a parking lot (a rare phenomenon here in San Francisco). I’d also recommend exploring Sutro Baths and Cliffhouse while you are in the area. There’s a small cafe inside where you can grab a sandwich or warm up with a drink.

After gazing out at the vast ocean and deep fog we drove over to China Beach for some fun in the sand. We’ve tested several beaches in the area, and so far  China Beach is our favorite in the city. It has gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge and less crowds than Baker’s Beach. By the time we drove over the fog had mostly lifted and the sun had come out.

You can probably tell from the photos, which one of my children likes having their picture taken and which one doesn’t. They both can agree on playing at the beach is the best activity ever though.

Can you find the Sail Boat in the photo?

The evening ended with a gorgeous sunset. I made a rookie mistake and decided to try and park at Christmas Tree Point‘s parking lot last minute. It was full and I had to park down the ways and run up a hill, which made me miss the sunset. It’s better to park over on Marview Way by Sutro Tower and walk the path by Twin Peaks Reservoir over to the parking lot on busy nights like that. Or you just got to plan for enough time to park down from the parking lot and walk up!